HTC Ocean Concept Smartphone Leaked by Company, Has No Physical Buttons

An employee at HTC just decided that the world needs more leaks. A video about the new concept smartphone from HTC dubbed as the HTC Ocean was accidently posted publicly. It appears that the video was intended to be used for internal purposes, but ended up going into the public space. Although HTC was quick enough to remove the video, @evleaks managed to download it and reupload it within the small time frame they had (kudos!). Obviously, that video was also taken down by Twitter, but we do have some valuable insights of this phone.

The leaked video shows the HTC Ocean as a phone with virtually no buttons, but yet having all the buttons it would ever need to function like a regular smartphone. HTC plans on achieving this by fitting a touch sensitive frame wrapped around the phone, which could act as a huge touch sensitive surface.

The frame and edges can then be used to change volume, power on the handset and even as a shutter button for the camera, all of this can be performed by using simple gestures. The video calls this features as Sense Touch because the handset senses your touch or maybe because the name just goes well with the HTC Sense branding.

HTC Ocean HTC Ocean

9to5Google also contacted Danielle Vermeulen to get more inputs about this phone since it was uploaded to the website under her name. But she stated that phone was just her personal concept and not something that HTC was actually working on.

We hope this is not the case and guess HTC is actually working on something cool. But yeah, you probably wouldn’t be able to use a case around it, which would make life difficult for some, if the phone turns out to be a touch slippery in hand.