iPhone 7 User Drills Hole to Create Headphone Jack, Then Realizes His Mistake

If you were wondering what would be the maximum level of dumbness for an iPhone 7 user, this guy sets an example. A week back, our team members were enjoying a video posted by Jimmy Kimmel, where he just changed the outer case of people’s iPhone 6 and told them it was an iPhone 7 with their data transferred to it. Those replies were extremely entertaining.

A YouTube channel called TechRax made this parody video titled “Secret Hack to Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone7”. Here, they drilled a hole into the iPhone 7 and plugged in a headphone to it.

An iPhone 7 user saw this and apparently tried to do the same with his iPhone 7. Later, the bloke realized that this had even made his warranty void and he cursed the YouTube channel for his own mistake. Unfortunately, he was not the only one who believed that this was real. There were many iPhone 7 users that followed suit.

Later on, even Cnet posted an article warning people like this iPhone 7 user not to drill holes in their iPhones, as it could void their warranty or even damage their phone permanently. Many YouTube viewers sarcastically commented on the video that they wanted to try it, but we believe they are not really iPhone 7 users.

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