Apple iPhone 7 Plus Explodes Better than a Note 7: Reddit user

As almost every breathing human on this planet knows by now, there is a heavy competition between Samsung and Apple. Both the companies take references from each other when incorporating exciting features into their products. It appears that in a similar fashion, Apple appears to have incorporated the “spontaneous explosion” feature of the Samsung Note 7 into its iPhone 7 Plus (of course we are just kidding). A Reddit user posted an image and a video of the exploded iPhone on, well, Reddit recently.

The user, known as Kroopthesnoop, states that the box arrived heavily tampered and torn along with a extra-blackened Matt black iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 was bent, broken and burn to the point that anyone who hasn’t heard the explosion issue can discern that something has absolutely exploded.

Kroopthesnoop states that the images were sent from a co-worker who just ordered a new Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the box was neither tampered by the coworker nor was the phone ever used. After uploading the information to Reddit, Kroopthesnoop was quickly contacted by an executive from Apple who received the actual details from the co-worker we just mentioned earlier.


The executive assured that they will work with AT&T to ship a new iPhone 7 Plus to the customer. While we are already speechless by the exploding phone fiasco that has been going on with Samsung, we are really baffled by the explosion of the iPhone 7 Plus. No, not because it’s made by Apple and they value high quality. Let’s face it, we all know the kind of crappy, easily breakable displays they fit their iPhone 6 with. But the real reason behind our bafflement stems from the fact that the phone was in an off state, neither was it function nor was it being charged. It was just there, sitting in the box waiting to explode. That’s just a whole new level of quality issue (unless, someone did this intentionally, to frame Apple into this).

We are as amused as you are, assuming that you find this hilarious and not offensive because you love Apple beyond anything, that you would go as far as to start a church, preaching buzz-wordology (Of course, we are kidding!).

So, what do you think about this? Do you think Apple will give a 15 dollar gift card to the user, asking them to get something from the store as a compensation, just like they did with the Antenna-gate issue, or will they genuinely address the issue? Do let us know in the comments section below!