Apple to Launch New Glossy Jet White iPhone 7 Very Soon

Apple has always wooed its fan base by throwing in some new colors along with every generation of the iPhone. Although it’s not a mandatory tradition, it’s something that Apple likes to follow. This year’s release saw some pretty neat colors like the Black and the Jet black, which is still stupid in our opinion since you have to out a case on it. This defeats the whole purpose of buying a Jet Black variant in the first place.

To further stress on the exclusivity of the shiny black, oops, we mean glossy black, Apple restricted its availability to the128 and 256GB models.

We have started receiving information that Apple is planning on adding another color option to its iPhone 7 lineup, probably called the Jet White.

You see, Apple is one of those rare brands which has a very good understanding of its customers. They know that their customers are attracted to shiny colors; oops, we mean glossy high-quality finishes.

Now that the holiday season is coming to a close, the iPhone 7 sales are starting to slowly decline and Apple doesn’t like that. They plan to counter this with the addition of a Jet White variant, because Apple knows nothing interests the Apple Fanboys, Err!  we mean Fan base, more than a new high-quality finish (let’s face it, it’s just another easily scratchable shiny new color, which you are probably going to hide with a protective case which Apple will be glad to sell you).

With all that said, the iPhone 7 would really look dashing in a Jet White variant and we are actually looking forward to it (no, we are not joking, this time).