OnePlus Pixel Is the New Google Pixel Competitor

OnePlus Pixel could be the next new thing. After “Plus” and “Pro”, it seems like “Pixel” is the latest hot moniker in the smartphone industry. Well, no one except Google and the Hollywood industry has used it yet. But it appears that OnePlus might have one handset named after the Pixel, up its sleeve.

In a recent turn of events, a previously unknown OnePlus branded handset popped up in GeekBench. The device is listed as OnePlus Pixel (yes, we are perplexed as well). It is stated to be powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 820 from Qualcomm and carry 6GB of RAM.

The OnePlus Pixel is also stated to be running Android 7.1 Nougat, which puts it on par with the so-far niché Google Pixel.

It should also be noted that the possibility of OnePlus Pixel being a OnePlus 3T is also low, since the later has been observed to be carrying a Snapdragon 821 with slightly different specifications.

OnePlus Pixel 2

So far, we don’t have much information about the OnePlus Pixel except for its processor details and its Android revision. We will update our website with more information as they are available to us.