Google Pixel Hacked Within a Minute at Hacking Competition

When it comes to security, smartphones are something everyone should be worried about now. One of the latest of these, Google Pixel, was hacked within a minute at a hacking competition. The smartphone was used to steal cash from the user’s bank account.

Zero-Day Vulnerability Used for Hacking Google Pixel

The zero-day vulnerability was detected by the team of hackers and it was used to exploit the phone’s data. Everything was retrieved from the phone including contacts, photos, messages and even application data. Credit card/debit card details were also not spared.

Google Chrome was also hacked and the message “Pwned by 360 Alpha Team” was displayed on the home page. Around $120,000 was stolen from the user’s account.

Other Teams Also Exploit Microsoft Edge and Safari

The Qihoo 360 team also cracked apps like the Adobe Flash player. They just took 4 seconds to do that. Moreover, they also managed to point out some insecurities in the Microsoft Edge browser. In the end, the hacking team earned $520,000 as the prize money.

Now, we know that the Apple fans who might be laughing at security issues from Android and Windows. We hate to break this to you, but another Chinese team even hacked the Apple Safari browser on macOS Sierra in 20 seconds. The Pangu team walked away with $80,000 as the prize for hacking Safari.