How to Locate ATMs with Cash Easily in Your Locality?

When the demonetization of 500’s and 1000’s caught everyone by surprise like a demon, people had to  look for means of exchanging the invalid notes as well withdraw the valid 100s. Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are the quickest and easiest means for withdrawal and some ATM counters equipped with money depositing facilities too. But given the problem of cash crunch, the need of the hour is to locate ATMs with cash as easy as possible.

But for the past two weeks, finding an ATM with cash and finding one with a small amount of crowd to withdraw money was difficult. That’s where the website comes handy to whoever has access to the internet.

This website has a very simple User Interface. It is easy to interpret its functionality even for a person who has just used google search bar. The website opens with a page asking for your Pincode. Either the place you reside in or the place you are going to visit can be entered and the ATMs with cash in your locality can be found as follows.

No Cash, Cash and Wait Categories Help the User to Locate ATMs with Cash

Once the location is entered, you will be directed to a page with the list of ATMs available in the locality of the Pincode. The locations will be marked with categories of No Cash, Cash and Wait. These indicate whether the ATM is empty, available with money without any noticeable crowd or money present in the ATM with a long queue respectively. The “wait” option even provides real-time status of how much wait time will be there and the queue length, though we are skeptical about the accuracy.

Atms with cash in india

It also has a nifty feature of emailing you when cash becomes available in your area. When I entered the Pincode of my place, it showed one or two ATMs of totally different Pincodes which were not even near my location. Users can update the data if it is wrong.

atms with cash, no cash, queue

So the accuracy of the cash tracking in the ATM’s through this website is questionable, but it is a very good way to look for the status of ATM before you try to visit one. If you have a mobile phone equipped with high accuracy GPS, it works better.