Nokia Smartphone Re-Entry Confirmed in 2017 with a Leaked Slide

Nokia. The very name sends a vibe into our hearts. For many people who lived in the 1995-2010 period, Nokia phones were a part and parcel of their lives. But unfortunately, the Nokia smartphone manufacturing unit had to be closed when it entered into a deadly contract with Microsoft.

In the past few months, there were many rumors related to a new Nokia smartphone. A leaked slide from the company’s presentation hinted that Nokia is planning to re-enter the smartphone market in 2017.

More Emphasis on VR Technology

Like all other tech giants, Nokia is planning to make its share of investment into virtual reality. It is also planning to make the Nokia brand more visible as a ‘Digital Health Brand’. Nokia is also planning to expand into the automobile and consumer electronics market.

The slide was a part of the presentation that Nokia was trying to present at Capital Markets Day. Apart from that, we could expect new Nokia smartphones and tablets at the Mobile World Congress next year. A leaked image of a Nokia smartphone was being circulated around the internet a few months ago.

Android Will Be Nokia Smartphone OS

Nokia has finally decided to adopt the Android OS on its mobile devices. This is a changemaker and it is a much-appreciated decision because Windows Mobile is dying. However, Nokia also had a tough time with Windows and it would not make the same mistake again.

Nokia smartphone debut in 2017

Leaks reveal that the first Nokia smartphone range might not be high-end. As always, Nokia might want to target the mid-range segment and then move high. The mid-ranger is now codenamed as the Nokia D1C, while there are two high range smartphones also expected.

Whether it is just a Nokia smartphone or many other models, we cannot seem to control our excitement already.