How to Fix “Not detecting” Issues in Portable Hard Disk for Windows

Has your portable hard disk ever refused to be detected as a drive in Windows OS after being used with Mac OS? If the answer is yes, and if you are looking for a fix, you have landed on the right page.

The Problem

The problem is actually pretty simple, the file system used by Windows OS and Mac OS is completely different and are generally not directly compatible with each other.

The Mac OS uses a HFS+ format (Hierarchical File System Plus), while the Windows OS makes do with NTFS (New Technology File Style).

This is the primordial reason why a drive that has been formatted and used with Mac OS will not be detected in the Windows Operating System.

The Fix

To fix the problem on Windows, you should download the HFS4WIN.exe driver from a reliable website like Seagate. Please exercise caution while downloading drivers from external sites as they could potentially contain virus.

Steps to be performed

1) Plug in your Hard disk drive.
2) Download HFS4WIN.exe
3) Install it on your Windows OS
4) Restart your computer (Optional, I don’t generally do it).

And voilà, your issue has been fixed and now you can use your hard disk with no hindrance.

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