Haier Ubot, the Robot Nanny – Gadget of the Week

CES 2016 showed us many amazing products and one among them captured our attention a little more than the others. Hence, we decided to give it a little more attention with a dedicated write-up. Ubot is Haier’s baby steps into the home automation genre.

It is essentially a robot nanny, something that is designed to monitor other home automation systems in place. Haier’s Ubot is capable of listening, seeing, smelling, speaking, walking and even thinking (to a certain degree).

Ubot Is a Smart Homekeeper

The Haier Ubot has been designed with companionship and reliability in mind. It is advertised as a smart home keeper, a safeguard, your child’s playmate and also elder’s companion.

Haier Ubot can control a range of home appliances including water purifiers, air conditioners, heaters, lights, fans, washing machines and security gears through voice.

It can monitor temperature and humidity and also sense electricity and water leakage along with fire accidents. In such scenarios, it will alert the owners with predefined alarms. It can also warn the user about intruders by sending visual and audio feed.

haier ubot 2

Haier is also expected to upgrade the robot with features like anti-collision, anti-fall, dance and PM2.5 monitoring features.

So, what do you think? Do you think the Haier Ubot has a place in your future home? Do let us know in the comments section below.