Hyundai i10 Production Stopped; New ‘Santro’ to Replace Model

The old version of the Hyundai i10, which revolutionized the hatchback sector in India will be no more produced. Hyundai pulled the brakes on the i10’s production unit yesterday, according to a few trusted sources.

The Hyundai i10 was popular among Indian buyers due to its compact design, ease of handling and low price. However, many were not satisfied with the performance of the car in the long run.

Grand i10 Will Continue to be Produced

However, the Grand i10, which is currently the favorite of Hyundai enthusiasts, will still continue to be produced. Ever since the Grand i10 was introduced, sales of the i10 deteriorated constantly. Hyundai planned to stop the production of the older i10 to concentrate on increasing the production of newer models.

Hyundai i10 Production stopped in India
Hyundai i10s lined up after production

All New “Santro” To Be Introduced

When Hyundai entered the car market in India, it posed a threat for Maruti Suzuki when the Santro was launched. Hyundai was quick enough to launch many Santro models, but that was again stopped when the i10 was introduced.

Sources hint that there might be a new model based on the Santro that will replace the old Hyundai i10. However, there are chances that the name could be changed. For now, it’s just ‘Goodbye’ to the old i10.