How to Protect Your WhatsApp Conversations From Being Accessed

There are multiple applications on the Google PlayStore that allow users to view their friend/ stranger’s WhatsApp chat. While we are strictly against revealing the names of these applications to refrain from spreading this malicious trend, we will, however, explain how the whole scam works.

How it Begins

  1. It all begins with your friend or that sneaky stranger somehow comes in contact with your phone.
  2. The user opens up WhatsApp (assuming it is not locked) and jumps to the “WhatsApp web” option.
  3. The user opens up the “******** application” on his phone and scans the QR Code that is displayed on your phone.
  4. The application on the friend/ stranger’s phone now acts as WhatsApp web and exposes all your contacts and chat.

The Risks

The user of these applications can now freely log in and use WhatsApp at any moment and pretend to be you while chatting with your contacts. Furthermore, he or she can even read your intimate or confidential messages.

The Fix

Just follow the following steps and you should be safe:

  1. Open up your WhatsApp application.
  2. Navigate to “WhatsApp Web”.
  3. Refer to the Screenshot. Do you see the browser like icon describing the location and timing from where it is being accessed?
  4. Tap on “Log out from all computers” that is available at the bottom and now you should be safe!

The Logic Behind This

Whenever you or someone else uses your account to log into WhatsApp Web, the details are captured and every active session is listed on the WhatsApp application. As soon as you click on the “Log out from all computers” option, the application logs you out from Whatsapp Web and gets into an application only mode. Thus saving your chats and contacts from being accessed by any unauthorized user.

Preventive Measures for the Future

  1. Always make it a point to log out of WhatsApp web once you are done using it on a computer.
  2. Check you Whatsapp web connection using the WhatsApp application every once in a while to ensure that you are safe.
  3. Think twice before leaving your phone unattended or handing it to a friend with WhatsApp unlocked.
  4. Use an Application lock for Whatsapp (this is probably one of the best solutions).

Your privacy on the internet is always at stake. This is one way to protect your WhatsApp conversations.