Ditto: Amazing Battle Mechanics and CP Possibilities of Pokemon Go

This write-up is going to be a small deviation from our general category of writing. I am going to discuss Ditto, the Pokemon that has been newly added to the infamous Pokemon Go game.

Since Niantic has not revealed much information about this pocket monster and many are still yet to get their hands on one, I thought this would be a piece of information worth sharing.

Spoiler Alert: The article goes way beyond the fact that Ditto hides as a normal starter Pokemon. In fact, we are more interested in explaining its battle mechanics.

How do I know so much about Ditto?

I was able to capture 2 Dittos and luckily one of them is at the pinnacle of perfection with 482CP and the other one was a measly 140CP and this is why I consider my analysis to be concrete and perfect.

I understand that this is not Ditto’s highest CP, since my level in the game is just 25 and this makes my statements all the more accurate. Here’s what I understand from the multiple types of battles I had with these Dittos.

Finding the CP of your possible Ditto:

If you catch a Ratata or any other starter Pokemon disguised as a Ditto, the original CP of the Ditto will be directly proportional to the Pokemon you are capturing and the level you are in.

For example: If you are capturing a Ratata at 330CP which is pretty much 90% of Ratata’s CP cap at level 25, then the captured Ditto will have somewhere around 480CP which is around 90% of Ditto’s CP cap for the level (Please consider these to be approximate figures).

If you want a really strong Ditto and are not interesting in a weak one, don’t even bother capturing the weak starter Pokemons.

Battle mechanics of Ditto: This is Super Important!

People still have a number of questions about Ditto and how it would fare in a battle, here’s everything you need to know.

  1. The CP of your Ditto when it transforms depends on the IV or CP of your Ditto. If your Ditto has a CP of 480 and your level is 25, then your Ditto will transform into your Opponent’s Pokemon, but with 90 percentage of its max CP.

    For example; If you are fighting against a 2060 CP Dragonite and your level is 25 while your Ditto has a CP of 480. Then Immaterial of the CP of the Pokemon your Ditto is trying to copy, your Ditto will transform into a 2450 CP Dragonite.

    This is because the maximum CP cap for a Dragonite at level 25 is 2600CP (approximately).

2. While your Ditto can sometimes surpass the CP of your opponent, it will always retain its original HP, which could sometimes be a negative factor, especially when fighting against Pokemon like Snorlax or Lapras which have a huge pool of CP.

3. A Ditto can only transform once in a battle if it turns into a Marowak, it will continue to be Marowak for the entire duration of the battle even if you swap it in between.

4. When Ditto transforms into another Pokemon, the move set of the opponent entire move set of the opponent is copied as well.

5. Ditto’s high-profile move is “Struggle”. While I “struggle” to maintain a straight face while writing this (I know that was a bad joke, but come on guys, at least I tried). This move can actually come in handy when a Ditto is up against another Ditto, which in my opinion is really stupid.

How do I take down a Ditto, if it’s so powerful?

To save yourself from a very strong Ditto placed in a gym, you will have to sacrifice one slot from your pack for a low profile Pokemon, something like a Magicrap (Oops I meant Magikarp) or Metapod should do the trick.

So Niantic really did have a plan for Magikarp, it really is a savior in disguise! On a more serious note, the logic behind this move is point number 3 from the previous paragraph which speaks about Ditto’s transforming capabilities.

Since Ditto can only transform once, you can easily swap out Magikarp for a stronger Pokemon and wipe the floor with Ditto. 

Wow, this was a new attempt by me. In my opinion, it’s a good change of pace to write about something different. There is a comments section below where you can let us know if you liked this and want similar kind of write ups and we’ll make sure we keep you happy.