This Creepy Robot Mimics Almost Realistic Actions of a Dog

A few days back, Boston Dynamics released a video of a creepy robot that mimics the actions of a real dog. Though it is a well-known fact that the company designs a lot of robots that mimics animals, this one has caught the attention of the internet.

One of the users commented that the robot was creepy since its actions look almost real. The video is now trending at number one on YouTube and that says enough about the attention it has received.

Creepy Robot is Successor to “Spot”

Named as the SpotMini, this animalistic robot is a mini-version of the earlier released “Spot”. It definitely looks more advanced compared to the previous model in terms of design. It is sleeker, smaller and more functional, in terms of robotics.

spotmini 2 creepy robot

Boston Dynamics just released a 24-second teaser of the creepy robot, in which it jogs like a dog, stops, bends, looks with a tilted head, jogs stationarily and then moves again. While many find it absurd since its actions almost resemble a real-life dog, there are other things that make it creepy. Say, the absence of a head, for example!

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