The Team

Kemmy Jose
Founded The Wheels and Chips Journal to bridge the gap between the developers of technology and its users. Loves everything that has 'wheels' and 'chips'.
Abhishek Venkatachalam
Senior Writer
A gadget geek, photographer, gamer and tech enthusiast. Loves Anime and is a big-time Dragonball-Z fan.
Joel James
Web Developer
An engineer by education and a web developer by profession. Loves playing cricket, cooking, pets and sleeping.
Mark Rohan
Content Developer
Die-hard petrol head and gamer. Loves playing Fifa, CS or watching anime.
Bharani Dharan
Content Developer
Gamer who loves gadgets and technology. Loves to sketch his imagination.
Sasidar Ramasamy
Content Developer
A gadget lover, gamer and anime fan. Loves sketching, cooking and eating.
Atul KrishnaKumar
Content Developer
Energy Engineer by day, Fantasy Football Addict by night. Renewable Energy Enthusiast. Loves reading and solving puzzles.
Jayapal Sadasivan
Content Developer
Mechanical engineer who loves automobiles and gadgets. Loves reading and gaming.